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Sheffield FC Futsal is a club affiliated with Sheffield FC and as such is part of a proud footballing history. Sheffield FC is the oldest association football club formed as it was in 1857. As well as this link to proud footballing heritage, Sheffield FC Futsal has an impressive recent history of its own. First competiting in the Northern Futsal League in 2010, Sheffield FC Futsal won the title and then succeeded in defending this title the following season. Sheffield FC Futsal had been, and remains an integral part of the vanguard of the burgeoning sport of Futsal

Players to Watch

Sheffield is fortunate to be blessed with a number of influential and talented players who are sure to make their mark in the 2016/17 season. First and foremost is Adam Oldham, the skipper. Oldham can always be relied upon as a driving force for Sheffield, never afraid to change the course of a game through his physicality and technique, and will look to be up there in top goal-scoring charts

Head Coach

Ahead of what should be a very exciting 2016/17 season Sheffield FC Futsal are pleased to welcome Sergi Saldana as the new head coach. His focus is sure to help Sheffield FC Futsal in achieving the marginal gains through strength and fitness which could see them succeed in the upcoming FA National Futsal Super League North season. If you add to this the undoubted Catalonian flair and tactical ability that Sergi will bring with him to the post, this is sure to be an appointment which will lead to an exciting, enjoyable and hopefully successful season for Sheffield FC Futsal. 


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Player Profiles

Name Position SFC SINCE
Guiseppe Brullo Team Manager June, 2014 more
Oliver Wheatly-O'Neil more
Joseph Clowes June, 2014 more
Sergi Saldana Head Coach August, 2016 more
James Moore Team Coach more
Thomas Msadala October, 2013 more
Kevin Machoka July, 2015 more
Hussein Salem more
Adam Oldham Forward October, 2012 more
Adam Derradji October, 2014 more
Thomas Fogg Team Coach September, 2015 more
James Radford Goalkeeper September, 2011 more