Ex Sheffield FC Players

Player Profiles

Name Position SFC SINCE
Sam Hall Centre midfielder more
Nathan Modest Striker more
Carl Padgen Defender more
Ash Morley Centre-back more
Anton Foster Midfielder October, 2015 to February, 2016 more
Jessica Whittaker Forward August, 2012 more
Gareth Clayton Defender more
Bjorn Taylor Centre forward January, 2013 more
Harry Liver Striker more
Nathan Forbes-Swindells Striker February, 2013 more
Nathaniel Creswick more
William Prest more
Rhema Obed Midfielder July, 2014 more
Ryan Hall Assistant Coach August, 2014 more
Billy Beresford Midfielder more
Andy Kiwomya Manager June, 2015 to February, 2016 more
Yoan Benyahya Defender September, 2015 more
Mason Warren Midfielder November, 2015 more
Yomi Samuels Defender February, 2016 more
Andy Ofosu Striker August, 2016 to September, 2016 more
Cyrus Lewis Centre midfielder more
Warren Burrell Midfielder more
Jimmy Flynn Midfielder more
Vill Powell Forward July, 2012 more
Jared Stephens Forward more
Tyrone Thompson more
Hannah Barnes August, 2012 more
Joe Buxton more
Aaron Rice Left wing more
Matt Bradley Defender more
Paul Carr Defender more
Alfred Albert Dixon more
Arthur Wightman more
Joe Slater Midfielder October, 2014 more
John Lufudu Forward February, 2015 more
Conor Glavin Midfielder July, 2015 more
Danny Kabeya Midfielder September, 2015 more
Dan White Defender December, 2015 more
Alex Callery Midfielder February, 2016 more
Danny Patterson Midfielder September, 2016 more
Helen Mitchell General Manager July, 2003 more
Jack Barnett Right-back more
Martin Foster Midfielder more
David Graham Forward more
Darren Waldock Defender more
Joel Askham Left-back more
Charlie Anderson Left-back more
Ash Worsfold more
Robert White Goalkeeper October, 2012 more
Alex Moseley Striker more
Danny Deakin Striker more
Lee Anderson Midfielder more
Marriott Hall more
Kieran Walker Defender November, 2014 more
Jordan Greaves Goalkeeper April, 2015 more
Andree Garwood-Hastings Midfielder August, 2015 more
Brad Riley Midfielder October, 2015 to December, 2015 more
Niall Thompson Midfielder January, 2016 more
Jonathon Fusco Striker March, 2016 more
Charlie Dawes Forward July, 2016 more
Jack Poulton Midfielder more
Dan Williams Forward September, 2011 to September, 2012 more
Shane Fox Defender more
Dylan Laylor Centre-back more
Chris Adam Left wing more
Megan Stainton Midfielder August, 2012 more
Jobe Shaw November, 2012 more
Tom Burgin Defender August, 2011 more
Josh Coddington Midfielder more
William Baker more
David Sellars more
John McGrath Midfielder December, 2014 more
Benny Igiehon Forward July, 2015 more
Jamie Green Goalkeeper September, 2015 more
Glyn Cotton Midfielder December, 2015 more
Saul Henderson Forward February, 2016 more
Ryan Lee more
Michael Towey Midfielder July, 2016 more
Mark Shaw Team Manager May, 2011 to April, 2012 more
Tom Mitchell Defender more
Jonah Gosling Left wing more
Steve Haslam Midfielder more
Aaron Martin Forward more
Charlie Weir more
Lisa Bailey Team Manager more
Molly Pearson Forward August, 2012 more
Liam Bryan Forward more
Jordan Thomas Centre forward more
Lewis Oxley Midfielder more
Tom Cadzow Defender more
Rupert Favell more
James Wild more
Michael Onovwigun Midfielder November, 2014 more
James Archer Midfielder January, 2015 more
Eddie Dakwa Midfielder July, 2015 more
Reece Fyfe Midfielder August, 2015 more
Bruno Holden Forward October, 2015 more
Devante Jacobs Forward December, 2015 to February, 2016 more
Connor Hall Forward September, 2016 more
Nigel Hughes Goalkeeping Coach August, 2012 more
Matt Varley Centre-back more
Callum Harrison Centre midfielder more
Jamie Davison Defender more
Liam Garrett Left-back more
Ellis Wall Midfielder more
Lee Featherstone Left-back October, 2012 more
Jack Waddle Midfielder January, 2013 more
Ben Whittington Defender more
Jordan Eagers Midfielder more
Nathan Anderson Centre forward more
Edward Moore more
Jack Varley Midfielder November, 2014 more
Brad Kilner Defender August, 2015 to February, 2016 more
Tom Dunn Goalkeeper September, 2015 more
Ahmed Ali Defender October, 2015 to February, 2016 more
Anthony Bardon Midfielder January, 2016 more
Liam Greenfield Midfielder August, 2016 more
Sam Liversidge Centre-back more
Kyle Jordan Striker more
Gary Slack Midfielder more
Curtis Woodhouse Team Manager more
Jess Grant Midfielder August, 2012 more
Elliot Green more
Karl Colley Centre-back January, 2013 more
Josh Oxley Adams Striker more
Harry Waters Chambers more
William Turton more
Jacques Joblon Midfielder July, 2015 more
Ollie Graham Forward September, 2015 more
Tom Hunt Goalkeeper December, 2015 more
Jordan Turner Forward February, 2016 more
Harry Johnson more
Will Wraith Midfielder July, 2016 more
Josh Mimms Goalkeeper more
Steph Spence Assistant Coach July, 2008 more
Brad Mimms more
Nick Haywood Left-back more
Conor Higginson Forward more
Steve Godbehere Defender more
Ian Askey Striker more
Nick Draper Goalkeeper more
Shaq McKenzie Forward August, 2015 more
Dan Williams more
Corren Anson-Fisher Midfielder August, 2012 more
Jack Muldoon Forward more
Alex Colton Midfielder more
Stephen Shaw more
Thomas Gould more
Ben Turner Defender November, 2014 more
Ian Ross Midfielder March, 2015 more
Nathan Okoye Midfielder July, 2015 more
Lebrun Mbeka Forward August, 2015 more
Luke Stevens Midfielder October, 2015 more
Ed Wilczynski Goalkeeper January, 2016 to February, 2016 more
Corbin Shires Defender October, 2016 more
Beth Seasman Goalkeeper August, 2015 more
Jess Houldsworth Goalkeeper August, 2010 more
Helen Wakefield Defender June, 2006 more
Kirsty Richardson Defender July, 2013 more
Katie Hemming Defender July, 2012 more
Lynn Goodman Defender August, 2012 more
Abby Pike Defender August, 2012 more
Holly Sandow Midfielder February, 2015 more
Natasha Cooke Defender July, 2011 more
Sophie Crosby Defender July, 2014 more
Lizzie Peake Defender July, 2013 more
Hannah Wolstenholme Defender July, 2012 more
Becky Lee Midfielder July, 2013 more
Abbie McManus Defender August, 2013 more
Amy Saunders Midfielder August, 2013 more
Melissa Cook Defender August, 2010 more
Olivia Foxton Defender July, 2011 more
Catherine Lawson Defender July, 2012 more
Natalie Crofts Defender March, 2006 more
Brooke Chapell Midfielder June, 2014 more
Rachel Charles Midfielder August, 2007 more
Beth Ryan Midfielder August, 2013 more
Sophie Barker Midfielder July, 2013 more
Kayleigh Mitchell Midfielder July, 2009 more
Aimee Johnson Defender July, 2011 more
Fran Sullivan Midfielder August, 2015 more
Chloe Moorhouse Midfielder August, 2014 more
Lisa Giampalma Midfielder July, 2007 more
Clare Holmes Striker July, 2003 more
Kerry Armstrong Defender July, 2008 more
Molly Graham Midfielder August, 2013 more
Millie Kenyon Midfielder July, 2012 more
Kerry Parkin Midfielder July, 2009 more
Eve Teasdale Midfielder August, 2013 more
Syd Shugafi Midfielder August, 2010 more
Kim Turner Midfielder August, 2014 more
Jess Horsley Goalkeeper July, 2011 more
Georgia Ward Goalkeeper January, 2009 more
Leah Jones Defender October, 2012 more
Chloe Young Midfielder October, 2011 more
Leanne de Silva Midfielder August, 2010 more
Rachel Taylor Midfielder August, 2014 more
Emily Owen Defender January, 2016 more
Kate Wood Defender July, 2010 more
Alicia Johnson Defender July, 2011 more
Ashton Crouch Midfielder July, 2008 more
Stacy Elliott Midfielder July, 2010 more
Amy Beanland Midfielder July, 2011 more
Becky Matlock Defender more
Amy Turner Midfielder July, 2012 more
Olivia Wild Defender June, 2016 more
Georgina Williams Striker July, 2012 more
Toni Butcher Defender August, 2010 more
Magan Hill Striker July, 2013 more
Issy Hayes Striker September, 2013 more
Abbie McIver Forward August, 2014 more
Sheridan Betts Forward August, 2015 more
Lauren Davids Defender August, 2004 more
Kirsty Hanson Forward June, 2016 more
Emma Jackson Midfielder July, 2012 more
Ellie Hall Defender June, 2014 more
Shelly Futter Defender July, 2012 more
Krystle Johnston Striker August, 2013 more
Caz Whiteman Goalkeeper July, 2006 more
Hope Knight Defender April, 2016 more
Emily Thomas Midfielder September, 2012 more
Lois Spreckley Defender August, 2010 more
Ellie Wilkinson Forward February, 2016 more
Jodie Crofts Midfielder March, 2006 more
Lauren Santoro Goalkeeper August, 2015 more
Emily Roberts Forward January, 2016 more
Molly Johnson Defender January, 2016 more
Jordan Broadbent Team Coach more
Temi Raheem Midfielder August, 2015 more
Myles Wright Goalkeeper more
Tom Wickstone Goalkeeper more
Rob Poulter Goalkeeper more
Conor Mitchell Goalkeeper August, 2015 more
Joe Green Goalkeeper more
Connor Shirley Defender more
Michael Fereday Defender more
Elliott Simpson Defender July, 2014 more
James Kay Defender more
Eva Kray-Batousol Midfielder August, 2015 more
Joe Stacey Defender more
Tim Whittaker Defender more
Jamie Hadfield Defender November, 2010 more
Harvey Torr Defender more
Brandon Cardwell Defender more
Mike Haslam Defender more
Reece White Defender more
Jordan Lumley Defender more
Connor Smith Goalkeeper more
Daniel Rogers Midfielder more
Rob Ludlam Defender July, 2014 more
Jack Hargreaves Midfielder more
Ben Algar Midfielder more
Bradley Bowland Midfielder more
Richard Stirrup Midfielder January, 2013 more
Robbie Cotton Midfielder more
Sam Harty Midfielder July, 2014 more
Danny Nicholls Midfielder more
James Knowles Midfielder November, 2011 more
Max Pemberton Midfielder more
Kane Spooner Midfielder more
Ashley Longstaff Forward July, 2014 more
Mark Fereday Forward August, 2013 more
Oliver Jex Defender more
Dexter Atkinson Forward July, 2014 more
Reece Littlejohn Forward August, 2013 more
Keenan McKenzie-Grey Forward more
Alex Tomlinson Defender more
Daniel Barnsley Forward more
Fabian Johnson Forward July, 2014 more
Jay Roper Assistant Manager June, 2016 more
Adam Billard Goalkeeper more
Tom Ward Midfielder more
Liam Flynn Goalkeeper more
Zeph Thomas Forward September, 2013 more