School of Football

As in all other projects of the Sheffield Football Club Foundation the focus of School of Football lies on the founding history and relevant values of the game in today’s life. Who else if not the first and oldest Football Club in the world should take care of the roots of the game, its inventors and excessive power beyond football? Richard Tims himself feels responsible for teaching the young generation of Sheffield about the roots of the game, Sheffield FC’s specific role and why the pioneering spirit of our founders Nathaniel Creswick and William Prest is so important for the future of our world.

Students from the Sheffield’s schools are given a history lesson with a difference recently, as they are taught football history at the birthplace of the game - Sheffield Football Club.
Sheffield as a hub for football inventions and birthplace of the modern game must share this legacy onto the next generations. So, that’s exactly what’s happening, with SFC Chairman Richard Tims swapping his day job of running the World’s First Football Club… and becoming Mr Tims the teacher…

Mr Tims (as he will now be called) invites the pupils of the local schools to the BT Local Business Stadium, and turns the boardroom into a classroom, before giving school children a talk on the history of football in Sheffield. The subject matter, as you can imagine, was our part in football history, the earliest days and original intentions of football as today’s greatest game in the world.
As you can imagine, Mr Tims uses to have the undivided attention of his class, but having said that who wouldn't enjoy an afternoon talking about the "beautiful game"?

If you are a local school or any other educational establishment – or even a place where lots of kids and youngsters meet – and interested in a football lesson at Sheffield FC -  just contact us and we will organize an appointment with Richard Tims as “teacher”. Therefore it would be great if you could provide us with the name, email and phone number of the responsible contact person.
If you are not a local institution, but nevertheless interested in the project’s idea, please feel free to contact us as well. After checking your enquiry, we will come back to you as soon as possible.