Mon, 15. May. 2017

The World’s First Football Club x Soccerex interview

A multi-year foundation partnership between #theworldsfirst and Soccerex aims to help protect and progress the heritage of football across the world. Last week we caught up with Soccerex Marketing Director David Wright to find out what makes partnering with football’s first so special: 

Soccerex is already an established global football brand, what unique value do Sheffield FC add to a Soccerex event? 

In many ways Sheffield FC are the original football brand; the world’s first football club, the originators of the modern game and we are delighted to have the club as partners of Soccerex. Through our events, Soccerex provide business platforms for the global football industry but as Duncan always said “without the football there would be no business”, so it is very important for us to reflect all aspects of the beautiful game. In that sense, Sheffield FC provide immense value as, through our partnership, we can showcase football’s heritage and the great work the club are doing through the foundation to protect the values of the game.

Sheffield FC were proud to be presented with the first ever Duncan Revie Award for services to the football industry at the Soccerex Asian Forum. What were your thoughts on the award and recognition to Sheffield FC as original innovators of the game? 

We all felt that the club were an obvious choice for the inaugural award. Like Duncan, the club were innovators who have changed the football industry for the better and, like Duncan, the club is about football first and foremost, routed in the values and traditions of the game. Seeing the award presented was obviously a very emotional experience for all of us at Soccerex, especially so for Rita coming so soon after his untimely death, but I am sure Duncan would have been delighted to see it go to Sheffield FC.

More than just a club, what’s your take on the Sheffield FC story & mission for global football? 

Personally, I think the history of the club is fascinating and until we established the partnership I hadn’t realised just want an impact the club has had upon the game we all know today. I think it is only just they have received the recognition they have from FIFA

I also think the club’s choice to prioritise the values of integrity, passion and community in football over turning professional is inspiring – a real example of the “Corinthian Spirit”...although I guess that should really be the “Sheffield Spirit” as the club was formed long before the Corinthian Casuals!

Soccerex has committed to helping Sheffield FC with initiatives to promote the club around the world. How do you think other global football stakeholders can support The World’s First Football Club?

It depends very much on the area of the industry they operate in; the football community encompasses such a wide variety of countries and sectors, each I am sure with different skills and resources that could be used to support the club. Whether that’s offering support with the club’s digital marketing to helping build the new stadium to becoming a sponsor. I guess something any stakeholder can do is spread the word about the club, what they have done for football and what they are trying to achieve through the foundation so that more people know the story and can offer support where they can.



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