Fri, 08. Sep. 2017

South Africa’s oldest club join the club of pioneers

Sheffield FC are delighted to announce a new friendship for football as we welcome South Africa’s first & oldest football club, Savages FC into the Club of Pioneers. Now 135 years old, Savages are based in Pietermaritzburg and were formed in 1882, making them one of the true pioneers of African football. 

Savages FC are the first team to join the project from Africa and mark the expansion of the project and the story of #theworldsfirst as we contine to grow into different continents. 

Part of the Savages FC inaugration sees Sheffield FC pledge to support the club by refocusing the Boots for Africa project for the near future on the Savages FC community. To date the project has shipped over 38,000 pairs of boots to disadvantaged children worldwide.

Sheffield FC Chairman Richard Tims was especially pleased with the historical advancement, stating: "Savages FC were one of the key pioneers for spreading the beautiful game across Africa and what the club has done for the region is incredible. It is an honour to welcome Savages FC into the Club of Pioneers and we look forward to a friendship for many years to come. We hope that Africa’s football world will also celebrate the history of Savages FC and the club’s role in football".

Savages FC: 

Savages Football Club were formed on August 26, 1882, when they played their debut match against Hilton College. The game saw a 3-1 score in favour of the Savages. The club were formed by members of the English and Welsh troops who were stationed in Pietermaritzburg at the time. Known by its traditional black and white colours, the club won their first trophy, the National Football Association Challenge Cup, in 1893, and repeated the feat in 1993 - a century later. Although currently not competing in mainstream competitions, the club are currently focused on developing aspiring young footballers.

Club of Pioneers: 

A living breathing, network of the oldest football clubs from each country. The Club of Pioneers was founded in 2013 by Sheffield FC, the first & oldest football club in the world. The oldest clubs can become members regardless of their status (pro or amateur) or playing level. The only requirement is they are the oldest (running) football club of their country. This network was initially established to build the global tree of football history and to preserve the heritage of the grassroots game for the future. The motto of the Club of Pioneers is: Integrity, Respect & Community.

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