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Meet the new gaffer!

As everyone is no doubt aware, there is a change in the management team as 2012 draws its way to its close, as ex-Sheffield FC manager Curtis Woodhouse exited stage left, coming in from the right is a familiar face… the popular Non-League Mourinho, Ian Whitehorne.

“Wit”, as he is affectionately known, will be joined by Sheffield FC legend - and current first team star - Vill Powell, and the pair of them will be aiming to reverse the loss of form Club appear to have at the moment. 

With the Gresley FC game being cancelled,  took advantage of a quiet Saturday morning to find out more about the man who is going to be steering the Sheffield FC ship in the immediate future. 

Ian, how does it feel to be running the show again?

I will do whatever job I'm asked to do, even if it's for a couple of games or so, it makes sense just to steady things down as this all came right out of the blue.

A lot of people ask this question, but what experience have you had in management, other than your last spell as caretaker?

I have been involved in football for over 25 years. But football is no different from any other business. Just ‘cos you've played 500 league games won't help you in non-league football, it's all about man management and knowledge of players, you only get to train with the players for an hour a week so you are limited to what you can do there other than keep them ticking over.

What did you learn in that last spell? 

My last spell as caretaker was very enjoyable, we were in a bit of a slump at the time so we just encouraged the players to go out and enjoy their football, me and Buck made it a happy environment and it rubbed off on the lads. I think it showed in the way they played

You seemed to put a lot of emphasis in youth last time round, with an already young side what will you be looking to change this time? 

I never see age as a barrier if we think they are good enough they will be given a chance 

We have a very small squad so we are working hard to try and add to the quality we already have here

Curtis cited time pressures away from football as one of his reasons for leaving, how will you cope doubling up this job with running your estate agents business? 

I have a number of business's the estate agents is just part of that, I am fortunate that I have good people working there but running a football team is very time consuming, like anything else it's just good time management. Anyway I'll just tell my wife she's got to work more hours  

Vill Powell is helping you with things, what qualities does he bring to the table? 

I first signed Vill about 10 years ago and he's been a great friend ever since, he is someone the younger lads look up to. By his own admission he has not been at his best so far, he has had a lot of issues off the field that certainly hasn't helped but he will come good that's just his character. Curtis had already identified his potential and asked him to take over the coaching so nothing will change there.

Oh, and if you didn't know he has his UEFA level 2 coaching badge, I am sure you do ‘cos he hasn't stopped banging on about it.

With the Lincoln lads going back after the Kidsgrove game, what new faces are we going to see and what can you tell us about them?

Your right the squad's very small at the moment, we are all working hard to bring in some new faces, obviously we can't say who or when but you'll be the first to know.

We still have more than half the season to go, what chance do you think we have of making the play-offs?

Before the season started the play offs was our minimum aim. You only have to look at our squad to see we have some great players here, but things haven't worked out that way for us, so for now we won't be telling everyone we are going to make the play offs, we are just concentrating on the next game.

What would you consider a successful season now? 

Success from this point would be for us to retain our best players and try and add to that. We have already said that we aren't even half way through so don't write us off just yet 

Finally, what style of football will we expect from the Non-League Mourinho? And what message do you have for the supporters? 

It's not so much the style of football I prefer, you have to look at the players we have available and build from there, into a system that suits them best. They will work hard and enjoy themselves, with a bit of luck that will bring the right results.

As for the fans all we ever ask is you get behind the team and give them a chance 

Thanks Ian, and good luck. 



By Matt Pindar (not verified) on
Firstly a massive thanks and a message of good luck to Curtis. Now can i wish Whit Buck and the lads all the very best for the rest of this season and would lik to see this not just as a temporary permission but a PERMENANT 1. GOOD LUCK GAFFER!!!!
By Vill Powell (not verified) on
It's a UEFA B coaching badge wit get it right!!! Good peice pal
By Paul Register (not verified) on
Very best wishes to the new management team! Real football supporters never get carried away with results (good or bad), they just want a team to be proud of and to enjoy watching. I'm sure Wit and Vill can deliver that. :-)

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