Mon, 11. Sep. 2017

Captain Cooksey Leaves Club

Manager Mark Hume has announced that Lee Cooksey is leaving the Club by mutual consent. 

All of us at Sheffield FC would like to thank Lee for his services to the Club as team captain and for his 136 appearances in which he has scored 13 goals and has been named Man of the Match on several occasions. Lee leaves the Club with our very best wishes for the future.


By Jonathan Lang (not verified) on
It seems Lee has not been quite as good as last season, but neither has the defensive set up. I suspect his loss will be felt and that it probably boiled down to a dressing room 'discussion'. Trust his commitment was not doubted. By the way it does not make good hearing when he manager is 'in the face' of the referee and point blank refuses distainfully to speak to him when challenged... much as the same to his predecessor whose ex-Club-filled side did amazingly well in the FA Cup yesterday. Perhaps Lee will land up at Sandy Lane, too....
By Peter Maxey (not verified) on
A giant amongst men. Sheffield FC are losing a man who bleeds the club through and through. He leaves a huge pair of boots to fill.
By Pat Webster (not verified) on
Can't believe Club have let Lee go, Club player of the year last season weighing in with a few goals,club defence like a cullender this season leaking goals and our Captain and best defender leaves by mutual consent,sorry not having it, conflict of interest more like and not in the best interest of Sheffield FC.Time to look at the management situation I think.Come back Cookery all is forgiven.

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