Dear friends of football,

in the name of Sheffield FC, I would like to invite you to become an official member of our club and our foundation.

Back in 1857, when our pioneers Nathaniel & William founded Sheffield Foot Ball Club, the first and today oldest football club in the world, their original idea was to develop a club for the community, for the people, for friendship and good times together, on and off the pitch.

Ever since, we have been a pure amateur football club. When the first professional league was founded in the 1890's by the FA, Sheffield FC decided not to join and founded the first amateur competition. Ever since 1857, we have never invested money into developing a professional football side, not for players, salaries or facilities.

This vision shall never change and always remain! To protect the very first idea of football, the legacy of 1857 and therewith our social-minded way of life, we have established a foundation. So every way of support for our club will be automatically directed to our youth work, local community work and global projects - aiming to build future pioneers of grass roots football, the base of the game. For more background information on our social action plan, check out our foundation section.

A football fan with a true soul and desire to keep the game real offside professionalism can't take his eyes off Sheffield Football Club. If you decide to join our club and foundation, you protect the origin of football and the heritage of 1857 - when this game we play and celebrate was born.

Together we can make the difference, because football isn't about money and success, about millionaires and media. It's about the love we share, for Integrity, Respect and Community. A game for everybody!

Become a Protector of Football and let's stand up together and fight for a better world through the social power of the game - on and off the pitch!

Thanks for your soul, your voice and commitment.

Yours in Football,

Richard Tims - Chairman of Sheffield FC



> Officially entitled as "Protector of Football"

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> Exclusive SFC History Brochure

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