Happy Birthday Football

To all of the football family,
Dear members and supporters,

take a second and imagine you could meet the gentlemen,
that have founded the World's First Football Club...

... and what would you tell them?

On October 24th 1857, the pioneers Nathaniel Creswick and William Prest have founded The World's First Football Club, Sheffield FC. In the years to come, they have written the first rules and laws for the game of football, so the people and community of Sheffield could play this game together.

Almost 156 years later, football has become the biggest sport in the world, a game being played in every country in the world. Truly one of the greatest inventions of humankind, going all the way back to 1857...

This year again, we want to celebrate this day in history and remember our grandfathers Nathaniel and William, two forgotten heroes the world should know about!

Say hello to the pioneers of 1857, Nathaniel & William:

If you have a smartphone or a video camera, go ahead and record your personal message for Will & Nath and share them with us via email (info@sheffieldfc.com) or facebook. On October 24th, we will then publish your greetings on the official Youtube channel for Will & Nath, singing Happy Birthday Football together!

Thanks for your support!

Yours in Football,

Richard Tims
Chairman of The World's First Football Club


The Story of 1857 - Football Pioneers