Integrity, Respect and Community – since 1857

Sir Nathaniel and William Prest had more in mind than creating a mere pastime. Alongside the benefits of physical exercise, they saw a chance of promoting core values with the help of the game. It is in this spirit that Sheffield FC have adopted Integrity, Respect and Community as the defining values of the club.


We try to live and interpret the gentlemen’s Law No. 5 in a universal sense:
“No hacking or tripping up is fair under any circumstanzes whatever“.
Football is and should stay a game of integrity. Without it, this beautiful game would never have become one of the world’s most uniting forces, crossing all boundaries of society including: race, gender, religion, age or ability.


Wherever football is played, respect must be part of the game. Nowhere else in life can different people meet with such tolerance and enthusiasm for one another than in football and sports. Love without respect is untrue, but it is the love for the game that lets so many different people come together.


The first football club was founded by two friends and the alliance of like-minded men who wanted to spend time together on the pitch. Football is a game that cannot be played without friends. And where friends show respect and integrity, a community builds, a community that crosses all social boundaries and transcends race, gender, religion, age or ability.