Boots for the Roots

Boots for the Roots is one of the global projects of the Sheffield Football Club Foundation – aiming to give kids and adults of all ranks a chance to play and enjoy football with proper football boots. Our idea is simple: Everybody can help and share the love for the game. We take your boots to the roots!

Corresponding to the founding principles for the beautiful game - Integrity, Respect and Community - one of the superior reasons for forming the Sheffield Football Club Foundation was to fight for a better world through the game of football. More than 125 years ago, when the two pioneers Nathaniel Creswick and William Prest laid the base for the game of today, they already recognized the power of the game and its ability to spread happiness and friendship.
In the context of the Foundations project Boots for the Roots this means to help children and adults from disadvantaged areas of the world to forget their day-to-day problems through the game and at least for the duration of it - and thereby to develop prospects for future pioneers of grass roots football. Everybody must have the chance to play football with real boots!

The implementation of the idea is quite simple but also efficiently, as nearly everybody is able to help without spending (much) money: The Sheffield Football Club Foundation, with the great support of its Club, is calling on everybody to send his/her old - but still wearable! - football boots to the Foundations basement in Sheffield. As soon as the Foundation has enough shoes to fill a container, the Foundation will ship the shoes to one of their partner organizations, where they are already looking forward to receiving them. Local ambassadors of the Foundation take care, that the shoes will be given to passionate football players, aiming to enable as much kids and adults as possible to play the beautiful game with proper shoes – and no longer barefooted. The Sheffield FC Foundation has currently partner organizations in Africa, India and Brazil.

Boots for the Roots is an expansion of our global charity campaign Boots for Africa, which was initiated in 2009. Whereas Boots for the Roots does not focus its support on a special area, Boots for Africa delivered the collected football boots particularly to football communities in Africa. Thereby the project shipped more than 25.000 pairs of boots to Africa - also connected to local coaching activities by Sheffield FC coaches in specific areas. Looking back on three years of successful support the project is now ready to enlarge its engagement worldwide.

The aim of the project is ambitious and at the same time not numerically defined. This project currently needs on the one hand social and ambitious people, driven to share their personal boots, but also strategic partners that help to distribute the collected boots to selected areas all around the world.
However the Foundation places great importance on this project, it itself is conscious about the fact, that this could just be the first step to help the disabled areas in a sustainable manner. This however is traced back to the fact, that the Foundation depends on external help and thereby is only possible to do one little step after the other to transfer its ideas and visions into reality.

In case you are interested in receiving more information about the project or the Foundation in general, we will be glad to hear from you. You can contact us at best by writing an email to .

If you want to send your football boots to the foundation, please forward them directly to the basement of the Sheffield Football Club Foundation:

Sheffield Football Club
Sheffield Road
Dronfield, S18 2GD
Great Britain
Thank you very much for your help! Lets take football back to the roots!

Sheffield Football Club Foundation