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 Become an Official Member of Sheffield FC, The World’s First Football Club. By joining “The Club” you can  help to protect the origins of The Beautiful Game, securing the  history and the game’s original values of Integrity, Respect and Community for future generations.  

Membership of Sheffield FC costs only £25 per annum and entitles you to the following benefits:


You will receive a personalised certificate with your name and number to be known as an official member of the World's First Football Club.


The official Sheffield FC membership brochure which captures the club’s heritage, and tells of the founding principles and our future vision of the World's First Football Club. 


Pin Badge 

A specially designed enamaled membership badge.


Our beautiful sticker to display your appreciation for Sheffield FC and the roots of the game.


Merchandise & Exclusive Offers 

To fully appreciate your contribution towards our club you will receive limited edition product offers and discounts for merchandise, special event invitations and regular club updates.  

Members Board 

As a club member your name will be honored on the membership board at the Home of Football. 


Membership of The World’s First Football Club not only helps to protect the origins of the game but also makes a super gift for the dedicated football fan. 

Join the World’s First Football Club today and protect the history of the game for future generations!